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Microsoft Will Never Have Google’s Market Share

…unless they stop doing this kind of krap:

Microsoft Still Has No Idea that Other Browsers Exist

Microsoft Still Has No Idea that Other Browsers Exist

Google has 70% market share, and if Microsoft wants to reach that, alienating 23% of the world’s users isn’t a good way to start.

It astounds me how Microsoft continues to think inside the box. The entire company from the ground up seems to be totally oblivious that they don’t have 100% browser market share. I have worked with several ex MS guys, and although a small sample size, I always get the impression that it’s not malice that makes them force people to use IE for certain services, just complete ignorance of the world outside of MS.

That’s a great thing for Microsoft, because they have the kind of employees that live and love their own products, but sometimes I wonder if anyone there reallizes the rest of the world exists. Microsofts new SearchPerks program allows you to earn rewards points while you search and redeem them for prizes is yet another example — only if you are using IE.

Microsoft, come on! The internet world needs you now more than ever.


3 Responses to “Microsoft Will Never Have Google’s Market Share”

  1. toddysm Says:

    Hey John,

    It took me a while to understand your first sentense but you are right – it won’t be easy for us (I am MSFTee) to get to 70% if we support only IE (that has only 77% market share). However I have other theory – it is quite easy to change users’ perception – the only thing you need to do is to do one thing wrong. And when companies grow they become arrogant and don’t think about the customer and what he or she wants – this is the wrong thing I have in mind. I see a pattern here – Google grows like Microsoft in the 90s, Google gains market share in search the same way like Microsoft in OS (we had 90% or more several years ago – didn’t we?), Google gets soo big that they think they can do everything (office applicaitons, mobile OS, browsers etc.), Google loses focus on search. I’ve been loyal customer of Google for 8 years (after using Yahoo for more than 5) but lately I get more and more disappointed (not from the search but from other apps). Time is the only one that will show who wins :) and you are right: if there is no competition there will be no progress.

    Regarding your note that we think within the box I can only say that this may be true for some teams in but not all. But isn’t this the case for other companies (including Google)?


  2. jcoronella Says:


    In general I really like Microsoft, it’s a great company with a lot of talented people. I just get really annoyed when they completely ignore such a big percentage of the market on a day to day basis. So much so that it’s clear that it’s just built into the culture. It needs to change.

  3. toddysm Says:

    You are right:) There is still hope.