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.Com .Net and All the Rest

SnapNames' auction interface highlights .COM and .NET domains

I just noticed that the default search options for the domain auction for DomainFest were .COM, .NET and Other.  It seems that  SnapNames thinks most domain buyers will have a preference for either .COM or .NET above all others.

Is this an indication that .NET’s are becoming a viable alternative to .COM’s?

I think so.



3 Responses to “.Com .Net and All the Rest”

  1. Richard Says:

    I’ve noticed attitudes changing amongst domainers… at least when they’re selling dot NET domains.

    Had some eyewatering prices quoted at me for domains I really wouldn’t expect.

  2. jcoronella Says:

    Outrageous asking prices abound no matter what TLD, for sure.

  3. Jared Says:

    I would say that .net and .orgs are about equal. .coms remain #1 and the rest aren’t widely recognized as of yet.