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.Com .Net and All the Rest

SnapNames' auction interface highlights .COM and .NET domains

I just noticed that the default search options for the domain auction for DomainFest were .COM, .NET and Other.  It seems that  SnapNames thinks most domain buyers will have a preference for either .COM or .NET above all others.

Is this an indication that .NET’s are becoming a viable alternative to .COM’s?

I think so.


Calacanis has the Solution

I have nothing to say.  This is a good read.

I agree with all but about 20% of it. ;)

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What Did I Say About Domain Resellers?

EstDomains Loses Registrar Accredidation

EstDomains Loses Registrar Accredidation

Filed under I told you so.

ICANN just revoked the registrar accredidation of EstDomains. Apparently the President was convicted of credit card fraud, money laundering, and document forgery.

EstDomains has a reseller program, and even if you didn’t register with them directly, you’d better check to make sure they aren’t your actual registrar.

Protect your assets and choose your Domain Registrar carefully.

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Choosing a Registrar for Your Domain Names

Registering a Domain Name

Registering a Domain Name

I have more domain names than the average person, for several reasons.  For one, I like to have a good name when I need it for a project, and I try to think ahead of all the future projects I may want to do and register a name while they may be less expensive or easier to obtain.   I also have a bunch of domains that I used for thin affiliate sites but still have a trickle of traffic and I keep for nostalgia’s sake.  Still others I have because I was drunk or tired when I bought them.

If you have a portfolio of names, large or small, it’s never a bad time to re-evaluate your registrar.

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