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WordPress iPhone App

Testing the wordpress iPhone app. Really nice.

It’s not perfect, but still a nice effort.  WordPress 2 for iPhone

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.Com .Net and All the Rest

SnapNames' auction interface highlights .COM and .NET domains

I just noticed that the default search options for the domain auction for DomainFest were .COM, .NET and Other.  It seems that  SnapNames thinks most domain buyers will have a preference for either .COM or .NET above all others.

Is this an indication that .NET’s are becoming a viable alternative to .COM’s?

I think so.


Who Is Failure? Google not Obama

It seems that someone has Tea-bagged Obama and made his page rank in google for “Who is Failure”.  This type of thing is easy to do: make a page rank for an otherwise uncompetitive term, but in this case it’s followed by an onslought of publicity that is an embarrasment to both the target and to Google.

I suspect that Google will manually take this down soon.  They say they can only rearrange search result pages (SERPS) algorithmically, but we all know that they may consider  if (page = ‘obama’) { rank = 0 } an algorithm.

More on this by Danny

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Acquisio Logo

Acquisio eMail

Does anyone else read this as: Acquisio if and only if Newsletter?

I did.

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MySQL Bar Chart from the Command Line

MySQL Command Line Bar Chart

MySQL Command Line Bar Chart

I just ran accross this really cool method of generating a bar chart from the mysql command line using the mysql repeat command:

mysql> select date_format( create_time, '%Y-%m-%d') dt, repeat( '#', count(id)/20.0+1) dt from result group by dt;

Comand line stats are addictive. Nothing like real time… enjoy. Thanks to snipplr.

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Oracle Buys MySQL and No One Notices

Oracle Boards Sun and Takes MySQL Captive

Oracle Boards Sun and Takes MySQL Captive

I’m a little amazed that no-one seems to care that Oracle has bought MySQL through it’s purchase of Sun announced today. MySQL is used by over 40% of developers, and is one of the key backend databases for many of the sites you know and love.

The WSJ didn’t mention it. Nor did CNN. Bloomberg? Nope. Forbes? of course not. The NYT at least mentioned it at the bottom.

Although Oracle won’t own the open source version, they pretty much control the main development path. How would you feel if Microsoft was the lead for the Linux development? I thought so.

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Web 2.0 Summit 2009 aka EliteCon

I’m on the fence about Web 2.0 Summit in October 2009. It’s an ‘invitation only’ conference that is also ‘fat wallet only’ at a whopping $4400 to attend. It really is the best networking show in the industry, with few other opportunities existing to meet and talk to the internet’s most influential, not to mention several of the world’s Billionaires and lots of members of the 9 figure club.

I registered and paid for the 2008 show, but didn’t get to attend due to the birth of my daughter. The 2007 show was killer, however. Like most conferences, it’s not about the talks, but all of the talks for 2008 are posted below.

Web 2.0 Summit 2008

Just don’t know if I’m going to bother this year. Seems irresponsible to drop that kind of cash. What do you think?

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Time-Delay Cloaking: Fighting Banner Blindness

I mentioned scroll cloaking a while back, and wanted to add another of my favorites: Time-Delay Cloaking.

With the time-delay cloaking method, a webmaster will partially render the page so that the ads at the top of the page show by themselves to users long enough to get a click and not get distracted by content. Lets face it, a page with nothing but ads on it has fantastic CTR without all that pesky content getting in the way.
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The Downside of Using WordPress

WordPress is one of the more common and popular blogging platforms used today, Programmers, marketers and bloggers in general, love its simplicity to use, myriad of powerful plugins, and open source programming. However as many people are discovering, there are some downsides to using wordpress, and it’s not the right platform for every job or client. Read the rest of this entry »


Affiliate Summit West 2009 in Vegas

Affiliate Summit West 2009

Affiliate Summit West 2009

For anyone wondering, I’ll be heading to Affiliate Summit West in Vegas from 1/10-1/12. Last year’s Vegas show was great, and I’m looking forward to it once again.

The show is at the Rio, but I’ll be kicking it at Steve Wynn’s new hotel, Encore. I’m excited to see the new hotel since the Wynn has been my favorite Vegas hotel so far.

See you there?

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